Combat is broken in “Rounds” which indicates one full rotation around the playing table (meaning that all players take a turn, and the GM controls NPCs in order). A combat “round” is also the standard unit of measurement for effects (i.e. a disorienting effect places two “counters” on a character’s card. At the beginning of each combat round, a counter is removed from the character’s card.

A player may only perform one action in a round, unless a specific rule (such as an automatic reload or other effect) states otherwise. Actions include movement, weapon attacks or combat powers, or reloading. It also includes non-combat skills like healing/reviving squadmates or using the omni-tool to scan an object or character. Thrown weapons (grenades, caltrops and other) has an immediate speed as well, meaning that you may use a standard attack and a thrown attack in the same turn. Remember, you only have a limited number of thrown weapons to use!

Players can make “called shots” at specific parts of a target’s body using a standard attack with a weapon. GM determines difficulty of the shot – which gives the roll a penalty – and the effect – IE a shot to the hand of an armed target may disarm them, etc.

Movement speed is a standard six, but is determined by race as well as class. For example, Shepard is a Human Soldier. As a human, he has no + or – to movment, but as a Soldier, he experiences a -1 movement speed, meaning he can move five squares per turn. Tali is a Quarian Engineer. A Quarian has a +1 to movement and an Infiltrator has no movement bonus, meaning she has a movement speed of 7. Wrex, A Krogan Vanguard has a -1 movement speed as a Krogran, giving him a movement speed of 5.

A power may be used as either “standard” or “immediate”. Using a power immediately can sometimes have a chance for undesired effects, or can increase cooldown.

Some actions take multiple turns (Hacking Doors, Programming/Hacking Computers, Repairing damaged gear, Providing medical aid to an ally, reloading a slow reload speed weapon). For example, a Level 2 lock will take two turns for a Soldier or Vanguard, but only one for an Engineer or Infiltrator. During this time, your character is vulnerable to attack and must be protected by squadmates.


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