Playable Races:

While humans have no inherent racial bonuses, they also suffer no drawbacks. They are strong willed, and fight harder in the face of adversity. This quality is the envy of the other races in the galaxy, however, humanity’s fast expansion through the galaxy worries many in the galactic community.

RP: Humans are considered infantile in the scheme of galactic culture, so don’t be surprised when other races write off your opinions.
Racial Skill: Never Give In (A rallying cry boosts group defenses for two combat rounds). The more injured the human character, the better the bonus ( 50% or higher gains 1 armor, 49%-25% gains 2, 25% gains 3).

Turians are well-disciplined soldiers. Their marksmanship is legendary but their bony structure is less than ideal for acrobatic movement. Turian anatomy makes it difficult to fit proper armor over their metallic carapace. Their combat prowess makes them ideal for holding positions or covering allies. Turians prefer Soldier or Infiltrator roles. Turian Biotics are rare, but are weaker and are often Vanguards. Because of the First Contact War, some humans still harbor suspicion of Turians but these people are a minority in the ESA.

Attributes: Marksmanship +2 assault rifles, +2 sniper rifles: Turian anatomy: -2 Acrobatics, -1 Armor -1 Biotic skills
Racial Skill: Tactical Mark: Turians can “mark” a priority target. Any attacks made on the marked target gain a +1 to rolls and +1 to damage if the attack deals damage. Lasts 3 rounds or until the target is dead.
RP: Turians are pragmatic and maintain discipline at all times. They remain collected even when provoked, and rarely show emotion. Even when they do, it is only among those they trust most.

The all-female Asari commandos are tough, educated warriors. They are well suited to Adept and Sentinel roles. Their natural psychic powers allow them to manipulate their enemies. Asari share similar body types, and are generally slender with features found attractive by males of nearly every race. Since Asari don’t engage in typical physical copulation, their culture has no boundaries or preconceptions on physical intimacy. This has earned them a reputation around the galaxy for being “loose”.

Attributes: +1 Biotic Skills, -1 Tech Skills, + 1 Will vs. Biotic, -1 Will vs. Tech,
Racial Skill: Hallucination (Enthrall an organic target to fight for you for three rounds or until it dies).

RP: Your appearance is a weapon against males, but often earns the ire of females when used. Asari feel emotions deeply but are not easily angered.

Salarian: Amphibian in appearance, the Salarians are the closest thing to the traditional “Gray” alien pictured in popular culture. They are tall, slender and have the silver-glazed black eyes made famous by conspiracy theorists. Their incredibly fast metabolism makes them hyperintelligent. They perceive other races are being slow. They are talented Engineers and Infiltrators. Salarian explosive compounds are more potent than those made by other races. Their meager size prevents them from wearing standard reactive armor plates. They use lighter reinforced kevlar.

RP: Being responsible for the genophage, the Salarians have a very turbulent relationship with the Krogan. Be careful when interacting with this race. Turians respect you because of your long history fighting in the Krogan rebellions.

Attributes: +1 to Omni-tool rolls, +1 Tech Skills, +1 Ordinance Weapons, -2 Armor
Racial Skill: Lightning Reflex: The Salarian hyper-metabolism allows them to react quickly in any situation. Use Lightning Reflex to instantly force a PC or NPC to reroll its last roll.

Krogan: Krogans are the ultimate shock trooper. Krogan may carry both a heavy and primary weapon regardless of class, and without sacrificing their ordinance slot. They prefer shotguns, and can wear heavier armor due to their immense strength. Krogan are excellent Soldiers and Vanguards. Their unstable emotions make them easy targets for biotic attacks.

Attributes: +2 Shotguns, +1 Heavy Weaponry, +1 Melee, +1 Armor, -1 Will, -1 Movement, -1 SMGs/Pistols/Ordinance/Sniper Rifles

Racial Skill: Krogan Battle Cry (The Krogan challenges all enemies in a burst 3 around him. All challenged enemies may only attack the Krogan on their next turn, and suffer a -50% dmg penalty on that attack).

Quarian: Quarians are the galactic equivalent of gypsies on Earth. They have a natural affinity to technology, and as such, make very good Engineers and Infiltrators. Quarians equally fear and hate artificial intelligence, and a good commander can use those emotions to their advantage.

Attributes: +1 Acrobatics, +1 Utility Skill slot, -2 Will, +1 DMG rolls/DMG Taken against Synthetics
Racial Skill: AI Hack (Enthralls a synthetic to fight for you for three combat rounds or until it dies)

Drell: Drell have sworn service to the Hanar for saving their race. Drell often are bodyguards or assassins for Hanar government and military personnel. Their agility is legendary. They wear light armor and use the environment to their advantage. Drell are excellent Infiltrators, Vanguards or Adepts. The Drell prefer “clean” kills, choosing precision weaponry versus brute force.

Attributes: +1 Acrobatics, +1 Movement Speed, +1 Heavy Pistols, +1 Snipers, +1 Stealth skills, -1 Armor, -1 Shields, No access to ordinance or heavy weaponry.
Racial Skill: Winds of Kahje (The Drell may immediately move five spaces, and gains complete immunity for one combat round).


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