Weapon statistics are broken down as follows:

Firing Mode:
Automatic weapons have a +2 against shielding and a -2 against armor
Burst Semiautomatic weapons suffer no penalties and enjoy no bonuses.
Single-shot, Semiautomatic and bolt weaponry have +2 against armor, -2 against shielding

Reload Speeds:
Slow reloads take 2 turns to reload.
Standard speed is 1 turn.
Fast Reload is immediate


Weapons are graded by a 3-star system. 1 star is levels 1-10, 2 is for 11-20 and 3 is for max level. Weapons can be modified to give them bonuses, along with a prefix. A Vindicator with an attached scope would be a Marksman Vindicator +X, giving an X bonus to attack rolls. An Avenger with a Magnetic Rail upgrade would receive +X added to the damage roll. There are also experimental and prototype weaponry to be found and acquired with even better special bonuses. For more on weapons grading, go here.

Marksman Vindicator +1 * Would be a level 11 Vindicator with +1 to attack rolls
Dampening M8-Avenger +1 * Would be a level 1 Avenger with a +1 damage bonus to shielded enemies
Ravaging Claymore +2 *
* Would be a level 21 Claymore with a +2 damage bonus to armored targets

Assault Rifles:

M-8 Avenger: Fully Automatic, ESA standard issue assault rifle. Low chance to overheat, effective close to mid-range (2 d6)
M-96 Mattock: High-powered, single shot. Closest thing to a sniper in the assault rifle class. Slow Reload (4+1d10)
M-15 Vindicator: 3-round burst. Accurate, effective mid-long range (3 d4)

Tier 2
M-99 Saber:
M55 Argus

Other, Special Requisition
Geth Pulse Rifle: Fully automatic energy weapon (Found. Unknown power source. Ammunition may be limited)
N7 Valkyrie – Classified, restricted to N7 access
Chakram Launcher
Particle Rifle – Energy based, single shot
Striker Assault Rifle:

Geth Plasma Shotgun: Devastating weapon, all known specimens restricted access to key ESA personnel
M-300 Claymore: Krogan shotgun, massive damage close ranged, damage drops swiftly at mid range, slow to reload (2 turns)
Asari Disciple: Fast reload, massive damage charge shot (1 turn to charge, 1 to fire) Restriction: Asari Commando Requisition
M-22 Eviscerator: ESA issue shotgun, good mid range but lower damage.
Graal Spike Thrower: 1 shot, slow reload, massive damage
M-27 Scimitar:
M-23 Katana:
M-11 Wraith:
N7 Crusader: Classified, Specter status restriction
AT12 Raider:

Sniper Rifles:

M-92 Mantis: Found during “Priority: Mars” mission
M-97 Viper: Found during “Priority: Palaven” mission
M-13 Raptor: Found during “Priority: Sur’Kesh” mission
M-98 Widow: Found during “Priority: Thessia” mission
Javelin: Found during “Rannoch: Admiral Koris” mission
M-29 Incisor: Found during “Tuchanka: Bomb” mission
Black Widow: Purchased from Spectre Requisitions (250,000 credits)

Heavy Pistols:

M3 Predator: Standard issue to all ESA and Council Race Military and Security forces. Single shot, high magazine capacity, medium damage.
M-6 Carnifex: Found during “Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists” mission
Scorpion: Found during “Priority: Sur’Kesh” mission
Arc Pistol: Found during “Priority: Geth Dreadnought” mission
M-358 Talon: Found during “Priority: The Citadel” mission
M-5 Phalanx: Found during “Priority: Tuchanka” mission
M-77 Paladin: Purchased from Spectre Requisitions (200,000 credits)
N7 Eagle
Submachine Guns:

Heavy Weaponry:

M-100 Grenade Launcher
Details: Single-fire grenade launcher, can bounce grenades off walls.
ML-77 Missile Launcher
Details: Rapid fire missile launcher, seeking missiles.
M-622 Avalanche
Details: Fires a freezing blast within a 5 meter radius.
M-920 Cain
Details: Mini-Nuke Launcher. Restricted access to Specter status.


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