Soldier: The soldier is well-rounded in all types of combat. They often carry a heavier arsenal than other classes. Turians, Krogan and Humans are excellent choices for this class.

Advanced Weapons Training: The Soldier may replace their secondary weapon and ordinance slots with a primary weapon.
-1 Movement Speed
+1 Armor
Skills: The Soldier may only choose Martial powers.

Engineer: Engineer is a pure Tech class. They use combat drones to distract enemies and are suited to hacking security devices and computers. Quarians, Salarians, Humans and Turians often fill this role.

+1 Shields
+2 to Tech Checks
Skills: The Engineer may only choose Tech powers.

Adept: Adept is a pure Biotic class. Biotics are powerful telekenetics that manipulate classical physics using mass effect fields. Asari, Drell and Humans are the strongest Biotics.

+1 Barriers
+2 to Biotic Checks
Skills: Adepts may only choose Biotic powers.

Sentinel: A hybrid Tech/Biotic class. Sentinels prefer to take the rear position, assisting other classes with covering fire and supporting by enhancing the shields and abilities of their allies. Quarians, Salarians, Asari and Humans are good choices for this role.

+2 to Utility power rolls
+1 to Tech checks
+1 to Biotic checks
Skills: The Sentinel may choose 1 Utility power from each power discipline (Martial/Tech/Biotic) but may not take combat powers

Infiltrator: A hybrid combat/tech class. Infiltrators sneak around the battlefield using advanced cloaking technology. They love to flank the enemy or use their stealth to gain an advantageous firing position. Quarians, Salarians, Drell and Humans are perfect Infiltrators.

+1 to shields
+1 to Stealth checks
+1 to Tech checks
Infiltrators may not carry heavy weapons, but may carry two separate ordinance slots.
Skills: The Infiltrator may choose 1 Tech power, 1 Combat power and 1 Utility power from either discipline.

Vanguard: The Vanguard is the ultimate defender. Using a combination of combat and biotic skills, the Vanguard prefers close up combat. Their abilities allow them to quickly traverse the battlefield to assist allies in need or to harden their armor and shields temporarily. Krogan, Drell, Human and Asari are the best Vanguards.

+2 to Barriers
+2 to Armor
Skills: The Vanguard may choose 1 Combat power, 1 Biotic power, and 1 Utility power from either discipline.


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